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Durable Dog Collars: Why Pet Parents Want Them and Pups Need Them

Posted by Ricardo Kendrick on
Durable Dog Collars: Why Pet Parents Want Them and Pups Need Them

At Monro Pets, we have 3 principles for making dog collars. They must be durable, comfortable and stylish. In this article we will focus on the importance of a durable dog collar.

In a survey we sent out last year, we asked the question: "What is important to you when buying a dog collar? Why?" Of the 160 people responded, 25% said durability was important. Here are some of the explanations why:

  • “Training a new service pup and some of her tasks have caused other collars to shred or rip by simple movements”
  • “My dog loves to go swimming and hiking on trails. We always look for a collar that can handle our adventures.”
  • “I have a Siberian Husky who...can wear and tear down just about anything and everything.”
  • “Something that will hold up against how strong he is.”
  • “Withstand my dog running around outside for hours”
  • “Dog is extremely active and is hard on collars”
  • I want it to last long / last a while (6 times)
  • “Want it to be sturdy and reliable.”
  • “My dog works with other dogs”
  • “...doesn't break or fall off.”
  • “My pup loves to get dirty.”
  • “I have very active dogs.”
  • My dog pulls (3 times)

You can see from the responses above, having a durable dog collar has its benefits. For some, their dogs will be able to perform tasks or do activities without damaging the collar. For some, they won't have to think about buying collars often because it holds up. Yet all pet parents want a durable dog collar because they rely on it.

If a dog collar fails then it can mean more money spent or worse, injury to their pet. This is why having durable dog collars are important. Pet parents also want a collar that is sturdy (strong), made of quality materials and secure.


A Quick Search for Durable Dog Collars

Do a quick search on Google for "durable dog collars.” What do you see on the first page?
  • Search results with articles containing the following words "best" in the headline.
  • A map giving you local shops from where to buy a durable dog collar.
  • Pictures displaying collars made of different materials.
  • The headlines with the word “indestructible.”
  • A few popular dog product brands.

Here is an example of what you’ll see.

Google Search feature for durable dog collars

There seems to be a disconnect from what you see on Google and what pet parents want. On one hand, dog parents know why having a durable dog collar is important. On another hand, searching online doesn't yield results fitting to their needs. After all, who wants mismatched results?


What Affects Dog Collar Durability?

  • Type of materials
  • Construction of the collar
  • Cleanliness of the collar
  • Sunlight and water
  • Dog activities and tasks

There are a variety of factors that affect the durability of a dog collar.

Factors Related to the Collar

Type of Materials

Different types of materials have different lifespan. For example, leather has a longer lifespan than nylon or polyester. The durability of material also has a lot to do with how it's created. Leather comes from animal skin or rawhide. Fabrics can come from wool, cotton and other sources. Nylon and polyester come from plastic.

Construction of the Collar

We sometimes get caught up in the looks when shopping around for a dog collar. Yet we want to examine how it's made. You may not be an expert, but the devil is in the details they say. Ask yourself the following questions:
  • Does it look cheap or well made?
  • How is the stitching? (Be sure to check near the buckle and D-ring.)
  • Are there any signs of damage or defect?
Here are some pictures of the type of stitching that are common on dog collars and leashes.

The most common types of dog collar stiching.

Cleanliness of the Collar

It’s as simple as this: a dog collar that's dirty affects durability. Clean your dog's collar often to maintain its integrity. You also want to check areas where dirt may be easy to overlook, such as inside the buckle and other components. Debris in these areas could lead to malfunction or early wear down.

Factors Related to Dogs

Sunlight and Water

No matter where you live, your dog's collar cannot escape the sun. Depending on the material, sunlight from the sun can cause your wear down your dog's collar. Too much sunlight can cause leather to fade and crack. Sunlight can cause the color in nylon dog collars to fade over time. Polyester is more resistant to fading due to sunlight.

Water is another threat to consider. For example, Leather has some resistance to water, but too much can damage it. Nylon and Polyester are more resistant to water, but they are not 100% waterproof. Yet, biothane is the only material for dog collars that is waterproof. Another thing about water is that it can carry bacteria, which can cause a dog collar to smell.

Dog Activities and Tasks

In our survey above we noticed that some pet parents have dogs that are very active. Some of them were service dogs. The activities your dog does or tasks they perform will affect their collar. For example, if your dog loves water, a leather collar will get ruined. A polyester or nylon collar will need some time to dry. A biothane collar is ideal because it is waterproof. Consider your dog's activity or task and choose a dog collar that’s appropriate. This will help to maintain its durability.

How often is the dog collar cleaned?

How have you felt when you were dirty? Disgusted. Itchy. Unclean. Now what if you didn't take a bath for days or more than a week. Imagine how much filthy would build up on your body. Dog collars that remain dirty for long periods of time can become uncomfortable. The germs and dirt on the collar can also irritate the skin and area around the dog's neck.

We recommend you check the dog collar after every activity or when your dog comes in from being outside. If you make a routine to clean the collar you will ensure that it remains comfortable for your dog. Never let the collar get too dirty.


Durable Dog Collar Are Reliable

Pacson getting ready to take a leap and spring into action with Asteroid Blues Dog Collar and Leash.

As you have seen, searching on Google for durable dog collars can be misleading. Seeing results for "best dog collars" doesn't mean they are best when it comes to durability. How then do you find a durable dog collar? You need to remember that there are a lot of things that affect a collar's durability.

Don't try to have one dog collar to use in all situations. Have a dog collar for everyday wear and daily dog walks. Have one for beach day or when your dog is around water. Have another for outdoor activities. Approach buying a dog collar this way. You'll have plenty of reliable and long-lasting options. If you are looking for a dog collar that is durable and made for everyday wear, check out our latest styles.



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