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Why Comfortable Dog Collars Are Important for Every Pet

Posted by Ricardo Kendrick on
Pacson resting on the grass at the dog park in Barnett Park wearing the Monro Pets Asteroid Blues padded dog collar

At Monro Pets, one of the principles of our collars is comfort. In a survey we sent out last year, we asked the question: "What is important to you when buying a dog collar? Why?" Of the 160 people responded, about 23% said comfort was important. Of the 37 that mentioned comfort, style (24%) and fit (19%) were also on their mind.

Here are some of the explanations for why comfort was important.

  • "Making sure the collar is flexible and not stiff..."
  • "..well fitted and not irritating to the dogs"
  • "...I don't want a collar that will bother him."
  • "...hard on the neck...she has sensitive skin."
  • "...make sure it's not choking her"
  • "...wear all the time" (3 times)
  • "Soft on the neck" (2 times)
  • "My dog is a puller."

Comfort is important to dog parents because they care about their pets well-being. Fit plays a part in a dog collar being comfortable. Yet, style is not something pet parents want to overlook. They want something that will express their dog's personality. 

Searching for Comfortable Dog Collars

Do a quick search on Google for "comfortable dog collars" and "comfort dog collars." What do you see on the first page? For both keywords you see the following:
  • Search results with articles containing the following words "best" in the headline.
  • A map giving you local shops from where to buy a comfortable dog collar.
  • Pictures displaying collars made of different materials.
  • The words “comfort” or “comfortable.”
  • The words “padded” and “soft.”

For example here...

Google Search feature for comfortable dog collars

...and here.

Google Search result for comfortable dog collars
There seems to be a disconnect from what you see on Google and what pet parents want. On one hand, dog parents know why comfort is important for a dog collar. On another hand, searching online doesn't yield results fitting to their needs. After all, who wants mismatched results? 

What Makes a Dog Collar Comfortable?

  • How the collar fits around the neck
  • The material of the dog collar
  • The weight of the collar when worn
  • Your dog's activities and routine
  • Your dog's reaction to wearing a collar
  • How often the dog collar gets cleaned

Questions to Consider

When it comes to comfort there are a few things to consider. Here are some questions you need to answer to make your dog's collar as comfortable as possible.

How does it fit?

The first thing to do is to have the right neck measurement for your dog. Next is the collar, which should be snug around the neck. You should also be able to place two fingers between your dog's neck and the collar. This will ensure the collar is the right fit around your dog's neck. Make adjustments when necessary or go up in size when they outgrow it. If you are using this as your main walking attachment, do make sure your dog cannot slip out of their collar.

What is the material?

You should know what you put on your dog's body. You may pay attention to what your dog eats and buy specific food for them. You also have to pay attention to how material may affect their coat or skin. This is more important if your dog has allergies or skin sensitivities.

Before putting the collar on your dog's neck, wash it. Afterward, check the area around the collar often. You want to make sure there is no hair loss or skin irritations.

How does the weight feel?

Depending on the size of your dog a heavy collar can weigh down your dog and add stress to their neck. For smaller dogs, you want to stay away from collars that are bulky or have metal buckles. A quick test before placing the collar on your dog is to see how it feels in your hand. Does it feel heavy or light? If you feel uncomfortable about its weight, consider another collar.

What activities or tasks is your dog doing?

You should think about your dog’s lifestyle when purchasing a collar. For example there are dog companies that make outdoor gear for dogs. There are also companies that make collars that are cute and fashionable. You want to look for collars meant for specific activities and tasks that are part of your dog's life.

How does your dog behave or feel with a collar?

Observe your dog’s body language for any behaviors that are different. You should know how your dog behaves. If your dog tries to avoid you or make it difficult for you to put a collar, that is a sign they do not like it. If the collar is uncomfortable, your dog may scratch at it and find a way to remove it. Pay attention to how your dog behaves with a collar. That will help you understand how they feel.

How often is the dog collar cleaned?

How have you felt when you were dirty? Disgusted. Itchy. Unclean. Now what if you didn't take a bath for days or more than a week. Imagine how much filthy would build up on your body. Dog collars that remain dirty for long periods of time can become uncomfortable. The germs and dirt on the collar can also irritate the skin and area around the dog's neck.[>

We recommend you check the dog collar after every activity or when your dog comes in from being outside. If you make a routine to clean the collar you will ensure that it remains comfortable for your dog. Never let the collar get too dirty.

Comfortable Dog Collars Are the Best

Mimosa Wearing Metric Floral Padded Dog Collar and Dog Leash With Padded Handle in Downtown Orlando Lake Eola

As you have seen, searching on Google for comfortable dog collars can be misleading. Seeing results for "best dog collars" doesn't mean those collars are the best for your dog. How do you know what's best for your dog? You need to understand them. The more you understand their needs, the more comfortable the collar can be. If you are looking for a dog collar made with materials that are comfortable, check out our latest styles.



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