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Digging Through the Different Types of Dog Collars

Posted by Jose Monsalve on
Digging Through the Different Types of Dog Collars

It all starts with a search on the Internet. You could be at work carving out some time before starting back on your tasks. You could have created a board for all the thing you want to get your dog. You could be anywhere right now looking for your dog's next collar. And you come to realize: there's so many to choose from.

Do you know what style makes sense for your dog and why?
Have you ever considered the materials used for making collars?
How are you feeling about this all?

To help you feel better about the different types of dog collars out there, we have put together this guide. We did the digging around and focused on the types of dog collars that are most popular. As you read this guide, we hope you'll be more confident about choosing the right collar for your dog.

The Most Popular Dog Collars

  • Flat collars
  • Smart collars
  • Martingale collars
  • Harnesses

When it comes to popular dog collars you have a few good options.

Flat Dog Collars

Also known as everyday dog collars, flat collars come in a variety of collars and styles. You can get some with a plastic buckle and some with a metal buckle. As the name suggest, they lay flat around your dog's neck and meant for regular wear. Additionally, you can personalize them, add a charm for some flair, or attach dog ID tags.

Smart Dog Collars

Smart collars are the latest trend in dog collars. There are different types of smart collars available on the market today. Some can track changes in your dog’s behavior, act as a GPS tracker, and even assist you in training your dog. If you’re into having the latest technology, the smart collar is an excellent choice.

Martingale Dog Collars

Does your dog tend to slip out of their collar? The martingale collar to prevent your dog from slipping away. While it does tighten up as the dog pulls on the leash, there are mechanisms on it that prevent harm to your dog. You can also personalize martingale collars in the same way as flat dog collars. This collar is a good choice for dogs like greyhounds and sighthounds.

Dog Harnesses

Harnesses are becoming a common choice as it reduces the pressure on the body when a dog pulls too much on the leash. They are great options for dogs with medical conditions or small dogs.

What materials are most popular for dog collars?

  • Nylon and polyester
  • Hemp
  • Leather
  • Rope

How Do I Choose a Dog Collar?

Dog Collar Buying Guide

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You have to consider your dogs and their needs when choosing a collar. For example, your dog may have had a collar that irritated them. They would scratch at it and not like it around their neck. You may need to find a collar with padding to ensure your dog is comfortable.

Your Dog's Size Does Matters

For a small dog

Flat dog collars (everyday dog collars) are ideal. Harnesses are a popular choice too. Many owners want to reduce the strain on their little dogs when taking them for a walk.

For a medium-sized dog

You have the pick of the most popular dog collars for a medium-sized dog. Feel free to pick a flat dog collar with some style, a harness if they pull on the leash, or a smart collar for some cool tech!

For a large dog

Everyday collars, smart collars and harnesses are good choices. If you want to add a little bling around your dog's neck, try a metal or chain collar. They are chunky and look good. Be sure to check your dog because metal can pinch and cause injury to their neck.

Which Type of Dog Collar is Right for Your Dog?

The right collar is the one you choose with your dog's needs in mind. The dog collars above may be what's popular, but your dog is unique. Finding that one dog collar out of the hundreds of choices is worthwhile when it comes to your furry friend.

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