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WS: Metric Floral Dog Collar


Metric Floral is a padded dog collar that combines shapes and floral patterns. It's perfect for everyday wear and going out. You'll love the purple and blue colors overlays.

  • The soft padding on the collar provides extra comfort when worn and helps to alleviate any skin irritations.
  • The unique design will complement your dog's style and stand out during daily dog walks.
  • The collar is made of durable materials which are odor- and water-resistant. They won't fade or wear down easily.

    They say opposites attracts and that is true. Metric Floral is the dog collar for your dog and you!

    "Comfy and stylish for me and my puppy!" - Kayla F.

    We make pet gear that's perfect for everyday. You'll love the stylish designs that can be mixed and matched to fit you and your pup. So where will you #gowithMonro?

    - The collar fits comfortably around your dog's neck.

    - The leash has a padded handle for a soft grip.

    - The dog bag carrier can hold your dog bags and more.

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