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3 Easy Tips to Finding Unique Dog Collars and Leashes

Posted by Ricardo Kendrick on
3 Easy Tips to Finding Unique Dog Collars and Leashes

You are at the neighborhood park, taking a walk with your pup. Everything is normal. You see the same people pass by with their dogs, greeting them with a hello or smile. Yet on this day you notice something different. A lady is walking her dog and their collar catches your eye.

You haven't seen that style before. When shopping at the pet stores or big retailers, all the collars and leashes are the same. Some are cute. Some are plain and lame. In your heart you want something that's worthy to adorn your adorable dog.

All is not lost. You compliment the woman's dog's collar and ask where to find something like it. This kind of quick chat occurs all too often when we see something unique. For collars and leashes it's no different. Here are 3 tips for finding unique dog collars and leashes

Tip 1: Know what your dog needs

Dogs come in different shapes and sizes. Like people, every dog has a different personality. What does this mean? Buying a collar or leash is not only how it fits or how durable it is, but also style. Not only will you have a preference in dog products, so will your dog.

Here are some questions to consider when looking for a unique dog collar and leash.

  • Is your dog irritable when something is around their neck?
  • Do they love being active outside or prefer being inside?
  • Does your dog have special needs?
  • Is there a type of material you prefer: cloth, leather, nylon or polyester?
  • Based on the color of their coat, does blue, pink or green look better on your dog?

These are all important considerations when determining your dog’s unique individual style.

Tip 2: Shop small and support local

Big-box retailers see millions of customers every day. They are the go-to place for almost anything we buy. This is also true for pet products. When looking for a dog collar at a store, what will you find? The same brand names on the shelves. Price-comparison is the only thing you will have to do. Which store has the better deal?

When looking for a unique dog collar and leash, check out your local small businesses. Small businesses provide a smaller selection of products. They try to not sell what you will find in big-box retailers. When you shop local, you get to know the owners. They get to know you and your dog. They are able to provide a personalized experience that makes support them worth it.

Notice: The current pandemic has made it very difficult for small businesses to stay open. They need your support more than ever.

Don't forget online businesses. The Internet has made it easy to shop from anywhere and get what you want in a few days. 

Tip 3: Search on Instagram

Where do you go to find inspiration before buying something? You go online. Social media, especially Instagram, are great places to look. When searching on Instagram, hashtags will become your best friend.

Hashtags can provide great examples for you to save. You may even find online boutique shops to your surprise. To begin your search start with #dogcollar and #dogleash. Look for hashtags between 1,000 and 100,000 posts. Scroll through the posts and save to your collection of unique dog collars and leashes.

A List of Hashtags

  • #dogcollarshandmade
  • #dogcollarhandmade
  • #dogcollarswag
  • #dogcollarshop
  • #dogcollarsofinstagram
  • #dogcollarsforpurchase
  • #dogcollarsforsale
  • #dogcollarforsale
  • #dogleashesforsale
  • #dogleashforsale

Get Your Dog Something Unique

Finding a dog collar and leash that's unique doesn't have to be difficult. It's quite simple. Remember to understand what your dog needs. Give thought to what you like for them. Use Instagram to gain inspiration. Find a few pet shops local and online. Now get out and get shopping with your pup. That's the fun part!

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