About Monro Pets

Monro Pets got started by three friends: Christen, Jose and Ricardo. They worked together in the past and wanted to do something together. Each of them have had dogs in their lives and thought it would be good to do something for them. With experience in marketing, websites and branding, they set out to make their passion to start a business a reality with dog collars and leashes.

Here at Monro Pets we want to create products that benefits each dog and their owner. They are stylish and useful, but most important they are made with great care toward our companions and friends, the dogs who we love.

If you're looking for a dog products company is passionate about dogs and making quality products for them and their pet parents, give us a try. Shop our collars or collar and leash sets today!

About Our Pets

Lola is a Maltese and Christen's first dog. She is the smallest one, but full of energy and so loyal. Lola is the queen of the 3 dogs we have.

Mia is a Miniature Schnauzer and Jose's first dog. She was 4 months old when Jose got her. They were inseparable and partners in crime! Mia is very independent and knows the most of the tricks.

Last, but not least is Leia the Miniature Schnauzer (pronounced like Princess Leia). She represents the love Christen and Jose have for each other, since they got her together. Leia is the most lovable and sweetest pup. She will melt your heart with her eyes. Those are our pups and we love them so much!