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Asteroid Blues - Padded Dog Collars

  • $24.99

Asteroid Blues is a padded dog collar that's out-of-this-world cool. It's perfect for everyday wear due to its soft feel and stylish design.

This durable dog collar can handle play time and more. Its quick-snap buckle provides a secure fit around the neck so you can:

  • Get out and explore the community with your pup
  • Have fun running around and enjoying the day together
  • Unwind from a long day with a little couch time

Do you have a dog with sensitive skin? See what Rebecca from Total Pet Care has to say about our collar!

"It has been fantastic and is the first collar that he [Carter] can wear during allergy flares without getting abraded skin or stimulating more itching."– Rebecca G.

Countdown and blast off with Asteroid Blues. A world of adventures await your dog and you!